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Adept Management Consulting leads the way in the providing specialty services and tools to enable integrated project delivery in AEC industry

Introducing Us

Adept Management Consulting is a consultancy providing Integrated Project Controls services: we specialize in all aspects of design, development and engineering management. We help our customers plan and manage their project processes, their project teams, and their product or asset development activities.

Our approaches and tools have been proven to provide greater predictability in the design and development phases of projects, which are often poorly managed and co-ordinated, reducing cost and time overruns in the delivery stages of the project.


The Adept Management business was formed in 2001 after ADePT, a methodology for scheduling, managing and controlling the notoriously difficult design phases of projects, won the award for innovation and the Supreme Award in the UK Quality in Construction awards.

The arrival of an approach that was developed by Design Managers and centered on the management of the design process was welcomed by the industry at a time when Design-Build was presenting challenges owing to the difficulties associated with managing an increasingly large team of stakeholders (including the owner, contractor, designers, subs, and numerous specialists) as a single, integrated team. Over the subsequent years Adept Management has become recognized as the premier Design Management consultancy provider. In 2007 the demand of a growing number of our customers to be able to implement the ADePT methods for themselves lead to the development and release of commercially available software. These tools are now being applied by contractors, designers and owners to enable the streamlining and integration of the iterative process of design with the linear processes of procurement and construction – one of the largest risks when using any alternative delivery method.

With the increasing use of alternative delivery methods in North America it was only a matter of time before US and Canadian construction organizations experienced the challenges of delivering integrated projects. Adept Management undertook its first North America commission in 2007, working alongside a contractor to schedule and manage the design process on a large, mixed use scheme in Grand Cayman. A growing US demand for ‘design management’ capability and tools resulted in the need for Adept Management to set up its first US–based subsidiary – Adept Management Consulting. Located out of north San Diego County, California, and with an office near San Francisco, AMC is now working with some of the leading design and construction organizations in the US.

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"ADePT gives more certainty of success as you have a defined process"

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