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Services and Tools

Our Integrated Project Controls solutions are proven to make a positive difference to projects and organizations

Interim Design Managers

Provision of expert consultants to undertake roles in projects to define, optimize and manage the design process.

ADePT Implementation

Provision of expert consultants to schedule, optimize, manage and control the design & procurement process on your projects using ADePT.

Design Management and ADePT Training

Training programs to develop Design Process thinking and introduce essential capabilities, methods and tools to your managers; training programs to develop capability in the implementation of ADePT – to enable your teams to implement the method and tools for themselves.

ADePT Design Builder

Structure and integrate the iterative processes of all designers to enable a single, integrated process to be derived and produced as a schedule.

ADePT Design Manager

Uses ‘Lean’ principles to manage and control the iterative design process based on the flow of information between all parties (Last Planner adapted for use in design).


Definition of stakeholder ‘value’ from the perspective of each individual involved in the project (expectations to be managed – precursor to real Value Engineering).